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2021 energy.

(Letter of Appreciation)

We analyzed some of the biggest financial policies India has undertaken this financial year! The Union Budget is here, and it just might be what our recovering economy needs.

I enjoyed contributing to this so much (no I swear: after a point, it was just strange how happy this made me).


Economics Declassified, the official newsletter of the Department of Economics, St Xavier’s College — Autonomous, Mumbai presents -

A Vaccine for the Economy? — A detailed analysis of the Union Budget 2021 and XV Finance Commission Report.

On February 1 this year, our Finance Minister announced perhaps the most consequential Union Budget ever. While markets are buoyed with positive sentiments, newspapers are rife with editorials waling that the battered economy needs a lot more. Which side would you pick? Read for yourself and find out!


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Originally published at http://economicsdeclassified.wordpress.com on February 7, 2021.



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